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Candace Harris
Founder and Principal

I am a professional proofreader and scopist, trained in the NCRA rules and the rules contained in Morson’s English Guide for Court Reporters, Bad Grammar/Good Punctuation by Margie Wakeman Wells, and The Gregg Reference Manual. I have proofed thousands of transcript pages and completed the Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice course, a course specifically designed to train proofreaders in the art of proofreading transcripts and working with court reporters. This is in addition to the thousands of pages of transcripts I proofread over the course of my former career as a litigation paralegal.


With my extensive legal background, I am very familiar with legal and medical terms and court proceedings. I know exactly why it is crucial for your transcripts to be exact. As a StenoCAT scopist and proofreader, in addition to correcting grammatical and punctuation errors, I also make certain that attorneys’ names and addresses are correct, exhibits are correctly noted on the Appearances page, dates are consistent, and look for spacing errors - the details which are easily missed and potentially embarrassing.


Let me help you achieve your goal of providing exceptional transcripts. I want to be your second pair of eyes to ensure each and every transcript is precise. If you are seeking a highly qualified and motivated proofreader and scopist dedicated to your success, please contact me at I look forward to collaborating with you.

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