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Scoping Rates & Policies

Turnaround                  Spot-check  Audio                  Full Audio                     Video

5 day                                $1.10                                                $1.25                                  $1.40

4 day                                $1.70                                                $1.85                                 $2.00

3 day                                $1.90                                                $2.05                                 $2.20                               

2 day                                $2.10                                                $2.25                                 $2.40

1 day (12-24 hours)          $2.35                                                $2.50                                 $2.65


Weekends included in turnaround. 


Immediate/ASAP Daily Copy (less than 12 hours) not offered at this time. 


Page Growth: Transcripts with more than 10 pages of growth due to excessive drops and missing testimony will be charged at double the page rate for each page of growth. 


Additional Fees: Transcripts with excessive untranslates, highly technical or medical expert testimony, or requiring extensive exhibit review/quoting may incur an upcharge of $0.25 per page. 


Turnaround and Rates: Turnaround rate will be determined using the date and time receipt of the file is confirmed by email. Rates apply to pages with 25 lines of text. For pages consisting of 28 lines of text, an additional charge of 10% per page will apply. 

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